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Feliks Kogan

"Совсем не говорить о себе есть весьма благородное лицемерие" (Ф. Ницше)

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Диалог на Брайтон-бич
One: "Hi Mary."
Two: "Oh, hi."
One: "How are you doing? Как дела?"
Two: "Да всё путём. How about you?"
One: "Not too bad. The weather is great, прикидываешь?"
Two: "Ага. It's absolutely здорово today, реально."
One: "I wish it was like this more frequently."
Two: "Ни фига себе. Me too."
One: "So where are you going now?"
Two: "I'm going to meet a friend of mine вон в том магазине."
One: "Going to do a little shopping?"
Two: "Ага, точняк, I have to buy some presents for my parents."
One: "А шо такое? What's the occasion?"
Two: "Да юбилей у них. Пипец."
One: "Прикольно. Well, you better get going. You don't want to be late. Шампанское не забудь"
Two: "Советское? Ладно, давай. I'll see you next time."
One: "Sure. Bye. Не пропадай там."

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